Investment Opportunities In USA

The best real estate investments of the moment

The advantages of real estate investment

There are so many different ways to earn money these days, such as new start-ups or cryptocurrencies. Real estate investing, however, appears to be the most successful strategy and the statistics prove it. In fact, 90% of millionaires have earned their wealth through real estate investments.

But why is this type of investment timeless and works in almost all cases? First of all, it is possible to start investing at any age, as long as you are over 18 and this is already a great advantage. Furthermore, it is an investment method that is based on concrete and tangible assets, unlike other forms of investment such as bitcoins, shares or the stock market. Buying something that you cannot see, other than through numbers on the screen, is generally not a lot of confidence as it is a purely virtual dimension.

Furthermore, real estate investments are a source of cashflow, that is, a constant income. This is achieved when you buy the property by making a mortgage, and then cover the amount of the same through the rent received and the surplus, which constitutes the income obtained.

Another advantage of real estate investments is the possibility of working without necessarily having to exchange time for money. With this modality, in fact, you work essentially out of passion as you generate automatic earnings and you have more time for yourself.

Another aspect not to be overlooked are the tax advantages. Italy is a country with very high taxes, but as far as real estate investments are concerned, the situation is different. The taxes are contained for various reasons, for example because the taxes to buy a house are calculated in relation to the cadastral rents.

Finally, very little capital is needed to start investing. There are even banks that finance 100% of the purchase.

Furthermore, in the field of real estate investment, it is also important to get in-depth information, study and be willing to sacrifice, especially at the beginning.

Opisas: what it is and what it does

Opisas is a high yield real estate investments company and is the only one to hold a certificate to invest in the USA.

With Opisas it is possible to invest abroad safely and quickly, obtaining substantial earnings.

After careful research, in fact, Opisas selects the best and most profitable real estate investment opportunities. Subsequently, professional and competent figures on the subject carry out further investigations and in-depth analyzes of information and data, to be sure that every aspect is considered. In fact, any problems could emerge from the appraisal, which will be immediately reported. Once the investigation is completed, a detailed report is drawn up, with photos and videos attached.

The next steps are the responsibility of a legal team, which carefully examines the documentation. Then, the local market is studied and the purchase price trend is analyzed so that the real estate investment is optimal. In this case, Opisas can proceed with the purchase of the property, which is intended both for international investors (the property is rented to reliable tenants and the gain is immediate) and as a first home for families, as the prices are very content.

Opisas has been operational since 2008 and so far only over 3,800 properties have been purchased and sold. In total, over 295 million have been grossed by customers. The Opisas network is international, in fact it has 18 offices spread over 3 continents and over 600 events have been organized all over the world. The commercial partners in the world are more than three thousand.

Why invest in real estate

Many investors are increasingly turning to foreign markets, especially preferring to invest in America. For what reason?

First, there is a big difference in bureaucratic terms. In America, in fact, the legislation is in favor of the owner, who is also protected in the event of a defaulting tenant. In fact, there are databases of tenants that can be consulted and, if necessary, eviction takes place in a very short time, of about thirty days. Investing in America, therefore, is already cheaper.

Furthermore, Americans, unlike Italians, are much more inclined to rent than to buy. Therefore, the owner who wants to invest in America can secure a fixed occupation of his property.

The relationship between the purchase price and the yield, then, is optimal. In fact, with a real estate investment USA of 100 thousand dollars, you can have a gross annual return that exceeds 10%.

Another important aspect is the tax advantages, which are many more than those provided by investments in Italy. This preferential taxation is mainly for owners who do not reside in the United States or for those who want to invest in the United States as a company.

Finally, the United States offers a wide range of possibilities when it comes to real estate investing, especially in Florida. There are different investment opportunities in USA, which fall into all available budgets, in all desired types of investments and also in various levels of return. The properties can be leased or they can be refurbished (flipping), for about twelve months, and then resold.

Why invest in America with Opisas

If you want to invest in the USA, Opisas offers the opportunity to purchase leased and refurbished residential properties. The net annuities are equal to a value between 6% and 11%. The properties in question are subject to an initial investment by Opisas, which is the direct owner. During the investment period, Opisas also takes care of support and management, in a comprehensive way. The rent is constant and is distinct from the capital gain. You can invest in Florida, North Carolina, Chicago, Baltimore, Philadelphia and other locations.

With Opisas you can ensure an excellent, profitable and safe real estate investment. In addition, it helps you to invest in the USA, even in luxury properties.